Case 1 --- Monterey



In this example, we use Pyromat data files that have been converted to standard text format [John G. Reynolds, Alan K. Burnham, and Thomas O. Mitchell, ''Kinetic analysis of California petroleum source rocks by programmed temperature pyrolysis'', Org. Geochem. Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 109-120, 1995].

The files used in Case 1 can be downloaded as: .  All included files are text files and should be extracted to a user data folder that is not a subfolder of C:\Program Files.

File Name                Description

TM0350AB.dat         Pyrolysis data at a nominal heating rate of 50 C/min

TM0307AA.dat         Pyrolysisdata at a nominal heating rate of 7 C/min

TM0301AA.dat         Pyrolysis data at a nominal heating rate of 1 C/min


TM03-A.con             Kinetics05 command file for Analysis calculation

TM03-A.out             Output file from Analysis calculation

TM03-A.dup.out       Duplicate of output file from Analysis calculation            Command file for Apply calculation

TM03-B.out             Output file from Apply calculation

TM03-B.dup.out       Duplicate of output file from Apply calculation

For a discussion of Case 1, please refer to ''Overview: Tutorial of typical procedures for data preparation and kinetics calculations.''