Case 5 --- Frejus



While the broadness of the pyrolysis profile of most kerogens is described well by a parallel reaction model, the pyrolysis profile at a constant heating rate for certain well-preserved algal kerogens is narrower than can be described by a single first-order reaction or a single nth-order reaction.  Pyrolysis data for Frejus, a boghead coal from the "Mines de Boson" region in France, is a prime example of this.  Its narrow pyrolysis profiles are fit well by a nucleation-growth model.

In this example, we use fluidized-bed pyrolysis data measured for Frejus [Alan K. Burnham, Robert L. Braun, Thomas T. Coburn, Erik I. Sandvik, David J. Curry, Birthe J. Schmidt, and Rohinton A. Noble, An Appropriate Kinetic Model for Well-Preserved Algal Kerogens'', Energy & Fuels, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 49-59, 1996].  One data set is measured for a nominal heating rate of 6 C/min and three data sets are at isothermal conditions of 512 C, 493 C, and 473 C. 

The files used in Case 5 for Frejus can be downloaded as:  All included files are text files and should be extracted to a user data folder that is not a subfolder of C:\Program Files.

Frejus Fluidized-Bed Pyrolysis data


TCAB71c1.dat          Nominal heating rate of 6 C/min

TCAB81c.dat            Constant temperature of 512 C

TCAB84c.dat            Constant temperature of 493 C

TCAB86c.dat            Constant temperature of 473 C


Single 1st-order reaction


TCAB-A.con            Command file

TCAB-A.out             Output file

TCAB-A.dup.out       Duplicate of output file


Nucleation-Growth Model (3-parameter)


TCAB-B.con            Command file

TCAB-B.out             Output file

TCAB-B.dup.out       Duplicate of output file


Nucleation-Growth Model (4-parameter)


TCAB-C.con            Command file

TCAB-C.out             Output file

TCAB-C.dup.out       Duplicate of output file